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Check this out Blaiz Fayah "Feelin It"

Video director : 2Kartel Films
Choreography: El Angel, Vicky, Leÿ & Max Loove
Artist : Blaiz Fayah
Riddim : Monq
Mix & Mastering : O Prods

It's now official, 2022 will mark the return of the tireless seniors of the L'ENTOURLOOP collective! After a break to devote themselves to creating a new album and a new live that promises to be exceptional, they hit the road, more determined than ever!
April 28th 2022 28 avril 2022 to Trianon - Paris!

For this third and last remix of the series taken from their DJ-mix "Start From Scratch", the beatmakers of L’Entourloop have set their sights on an evocative track of the iconic Spanish dub duo, Iseo & Dodosound. This track is “My Art on the Market” from the EP “Same Love” released in 2019. To remix this reggae-dub nugget, L'Entourloop invited its two most loyal collaborators: the incredible MC Troy Berkley and the gifted trumpeter N'Zeng, for an explosive result!

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