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El Gran Pequeño - Talowa Productions

El Gran Pequeño

La sono mobile autonome & solaire.


To sum up

Powered by solar energy, El Gran Pequeño combines an ultra-energy-efficient amplification / diffusion system with latest generation high-performance batteries.

During the day the sound system runs on solar energy, and the excess is stored in the batteries to be returned at night.

Day and night, even in bad weather, it's up to 12 hours of full power streaming!

Based on a principle of natural amplification (use of acoustic horns), the loudspeakers have been designed to combine power, precision and fidelity in the reproduction of the sound spectrum (from 40Hz to 20kHz).

Quickly operational: one person is enough to install the sound system.

Nothing is to be expected (no wiring, no assembly time, no generator), a turnkey system to facilitate the implementation of your events.

In only 20 minutes the music is launched!

Designed and built in France, our sound system comes from the company Pikip Solar Speakers.

Based in Pantin, it favors short circuits, artisanal manufacturing, and chooses its materials with care, for their quality and longevity.

All the technologies used are French and European.

Possible applications