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The Tuff Lions

France | Reggae

Reggae Revival's french revelation.


The Tuff Lions are the 2018 French reggae revival revelation. Led by singer Jahvie, the band from Toulouse have been scouring international stages since 2012.

“Here's one that's making its own way without asking anything of anyone and taking responsibility” (DREADLOCKS Mag, April 2024).

The new album DIS YA TIME, released on April 14, 2023, confirms the objectives of spreading Reggae music worldwide. 14 exclusive compositions with world-class featurings: AWA FALL (Senegal), ILEMENTS (Saint-Martin), SAFA DIALLO (Guinea Conakry), ANTHONY JOHN (Jamaica), DEVI REED (France) and RULBOY (GHANA) and no less than 7 videos since the album's release.

At the beginning of 2024, the band travelled to New York to produce the CHALICE video with Safa Diallo, to Barcelona for 3 shows in 3 days with SPANNABIS, to Amsterdam for the first time, and to Paris to take over stages such as LE SUB by PIGALLE and the 1st edition of the REGGAE DANCEHALL AWARDS, for which the album DIS YA TIME was nominated in the ALBUM OF THE YEAR category.

Vibrant melodies, conscious lyrics, authentic and passionate lions, and the journey towards Reggae revival begins. The Tuff Lions are a family of musicians from different backgrounds, cultures and generations, who have been expressing the same love for this music for over 10 years.

At once soothing and dynamic, melodic and rhythmic, rootsy and modern, their music is timeless, as demonstrated by their new album DIS YA TIME, released in 2023. Traditional Nyabinghi percussion underpins compositions that are always committed, reflecting reality and imbued with a spirituality made up of sharing, love and tolerance and everyday life situations.

As early as 2014, with their first 5-track EP, entitled Come to Fight, the Toulousan band made a name for themselves, not least thanks to the promising video for the eponymous track, which was widely relayed. From then on, the band began to emerge outside their beloved Toulousan region, taking roads further and further afield.

The release of the 10” Vinyl produced by Bam Salute Sound the following year enabled them to reach more sound system fans, and to release a second video for the track Still Alive.

After 5 years of sharing with the public, the band's first album sees the light of day in 2018: Spirit. 100% self-produced, and mixed in Paris at Wise Studio by FabWize. The compositions delivered in English by the band are an outlet for the songwriters, since Jo and Jahvie drew inspiration from their own lives, describing situations that are revolting, touching, or inspiring, but always blatantly true. This self-produced album is highly personal, and also reflects the musical orientations of the musicians, each bringing their own unique touch.

The band is now made up of Jahvie (vocals), Live I (bass), Tony Bongo (percussion), Filo (keyboard), K Slash (guitar) and Spako (drums). They have performed at various international festivals and stages: SPANNABIS 2024 (SPAIN), HALL 25 (NETHERLANDS), LE SUB PIGALLE (75), CENTURO MERCADO (Mexico), ZION PARK (Gwadeloupe 971) Reggae Sun Ska, Rastaf'entray, Fimu, Africajarc, Roots Reggae Festival (BE), Rototom Sunsplash (ES) Minho Reggae Splash (PT), OBVI FESTIVAL 2023 and many more to come.

At the start of 2024, Jahvie the singer is once again exporting THE TUFF LIONS internationally, with a video clip produced at TIMES-SQUARE (New-York, USA) alongside SAFA DIALLO, a noteworthy performance on the main stage of SPANNABIS 2024 alongside AFRIKAN WARRIORS (Barcelona, SPAIN), and a showcase at HALL 25 in Amsterdam alongside Shamba Lion.

The 2024 Summer Tour will be MAGICAL, with Reggae back at the forefront of the international scene.

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